Sheffield Blitz

The history and commemoration of the Second World War air raids on Sheffield

Marples Hotel

Marples Hotel was a popular hotel and bar on the corner of High St and Flat St. The largest single loss of life during the Sheffield Blitz occurred when Marples was hit by a 500kg bomb just after 11pm on the 12th December 1940.

Around 70 civilians who were seeking shelter in the Marples Hotel in Fitzallan Square on the night of the 12th were killed when the building received a direct hit from a 500lb Luftwaffe bomb. The seven-storey building received a direct hit at 11.44pm on Thursday, December 12th, 1940. The majority of people were sheltering in the cellars but the sheer weight of the collapsing building caused them to cave in. Doug Lightning, a firefighter at the time, recalls seeing charred remains pulled from the wreckage of the building. There may still be the remains of bodies buried to this day.


Marples Bomb Damage Today

Marples Hotel after being bombed in 1940 and Flat Street today. Montage created by Jason Harley and used with his permission.


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