Sheffield Blitz

The history and commemoration of the Second World War air raids on Sheffield

Sheffield Blitz: a view from Broomhall


Rescue and clear-up operations on Exeter Street. Photo: SALS PSs01001

Broomhall is very close to Sheffield city centre and as a result its residents had some close-hand experiences of the Blitz. A number of first-hand stories of the Blitz have been collected on the Our Broomhall website. All are from ‘children of the Blitz.’

Follow the links to discover these stories.

Barbara Batty sheltered with his family in a cellar.

John Webster was separated from his mother. It was alright, though, he had his siren suit and micky mouse gas mask with him!

You can listen to the memories of Sid Pass and photos of his tour of bomb-damaged Broomhall.

Joyce missed her father during the Blitz. He was a fire fighter during the air raids. 

Shirley Smith remembers her mother walking her grandfather to the bus stop when the sirens sounded. You can listen to her memories.



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